14 Creepy Films Like M3GAN Horror Fans Should Check Out Next

It’s not entirely clear what sort of tech is at the heart of the bizarre goings-on in 2019’s “Vivarium,” but it definitely impacts the lives of reluctant new homeowners and parents Tom (Jesse Eisenberg) and Gemma (Imogen Poots) in an extremely negative way. ways. Director Lorcan Finnegan seeds his supremely unnerving film with clues as to who – or more specifically, what – is behind Yonder, the strange development community in which Eisenberg and Poots become trapped and where they are later forced to raise a strange boy.

Everything in the housing estate seems normal at first, but upon a second look, proves to be unreal. The food appears delicious but tastes horrible, the clouds in the sky are eerily perfect and immobile, and even the ground on which they walk is malleable and leads to terrifying alternate dimensions. Their “son,” which arrives in a mysterious box outside their house, grows from infant to man in a few months and exhibits frightening alien behavior, like speaking in an adult’s voice, scuttling on all fours, and inflating air sacs in his throat.

The horrors in “Vivarium” are less concrete than that of “M3GAN” – she’s a product of scientific research that goes awry, but the tech on display in Yonder is complex and refuses to operate by the rules of reality. Its seemingly limitless capacity to trap and subjugate anyone unlucky enough to wander into its borders pushes it beyond simple tech phobia and into the realm of a living nightmare.

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