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One major story that developed over the final few weeks of summer was the proposal of a racetrack within the city of River Falls. Residents did not take the news of the proposal well.

Called the “River Falls Autobahn”, the project was proposed by Neal Krzyzaniak of the Kinnik Development Group. His proposal from him called for a private country club with a racetrack.

Drivers would be allowed to race their vehicles around the track at high speeds. The track would be located near the Kinnickinnic River, a popular destination for tourists.

Krzyzaniak claimed his project would not be detrimental to the river and environment. Residents disagreed.

Other concerns were raised about noise and pollution. Residents began to band together to stop Krzyzaniak’s efforts.

The largest demonstration occurred on Aug. 20 at Veterans Park. The Kinni Corridor Collaborative organized the protest which saw dozens of people stop to sign a petition.

The organization had a website and a Facebook page where residents could voice their opposition and receive updates.

A resident signs the petition at the Stop the Racetrack rally on Aug. 20. Developer Neal Krzyzaniak pulled out his plans to build the racetrack. Sam Fristed/Star-Observer.

At the time a second meeting was planned by Krzyzaniak for the following week. The meeting was canceled with no reason being given. Krzyzaniak confirmed to City Council members on Aug. 19 his plans to cancel the project.

His announcement of withdrawing his plans was met with retirement from residents. The Kinni Corridor Collaborative still held the protest, knowing the racetrack plans were scuttled.

The Kinnik Development Group still owns the land where the proposed racetrack was scheduled to be built. Krzyzaniak planned to build a housing development on the land. No official plans have been submitted to the city for a development.

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