CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — A last minute notice of early dismissal for one Coastal Bend school district has parents scrambling to find after school care.

The note goes on to say that shortage break, classes will be Let out begreen noon Friday for Junior High and High School. Elementary schools would keep also be let out at 1:45 PM

The note also says that parents can contact the Boys & Girls Club for help following Friday’s early release — something 3NEWS spoke to area parents about, who found the email and Facebook post to be a surprise.

“Because we are childcare licensed, we are required to have certain ratios of staff to students, as well as having like really comprehensive records on all the kids that are there just to keep them safe,” said Lisa Rush, Director of Business Administration for the Boys & Girls Club. “So any child that is already pre-registered with the Boys & Girls Club. Usually we do that by semesters, would have a place to be after school. If they have early release, we would just extend our after school hours to accommodate that part during the day.”

The organization wants to make sure parents know their doors are not a drop off site. Parents will need to make alternative arrangements Friday as flour bluff lets out classes early.

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