Akron Public Schools teacher strike would shut down City Series sports

The Akron Public Schools athletics department has received a few phone calls from parents asking how a strike by teachers would affect City Series sports.

The answer is sports and all other extracurricular activities would be shut down during a strike, APS Athletics Director Joe Vassalotti said Friday by phone.

“It might catch the public by surprise,” Vassalotti said.

A letter sent Wednesday from the union representing APS teachers to its members states “we are united and fully prepared to strike at 12:01 am on Monday, Jan. 9, 2023.” According to a news release issued Thursday morning by the union, the Akron Education Association, picketing would begin at 9 am Jan. 9 “After attempts at resolving outstanding issues through federal mediation failed.”

Although APS plans to conduct classes virtually during a strike, performing arts, robotics and any other type of extracurricular activity would be halted until unionized staff returns to work, Vassalotti said.

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