Analyst Reveals How Luke Getsy Is A Complete Mad Scientist

Justin Fields has blossomed into one of the most dangerous playmakers in the NFL over the past month. So much of that is due to his maturation as a quarterback. He’s more comfortable in this new offense, reads defenses better, and has a far greater understanding of when to use his legs as a weapon. Everybody has taken notice. Yet it’s important not to give him all the credit. Yes, he’s been brilliant, but he’s had help. Most of it comes in the form of offensive coordinator Luke Getsy and his coaching prowess.

People think Getsy reached a realization a few weeks ago and merely decided to start copying the Baltimore Ravens offense. It made sense. They’ve gotten consistent excellence from Lamar Jackson for years now. Fields is every bit the athlete Jackson is. Copying that scheme is a no-brainer. Except it isn’t entirely that simple. Alex Rollins is a top film analyst on YouTube. He broke down the new Bears scheme and came away surprised. Yes, Getsy has stolen things from Baltimore, but he also put new spins on everything.

Some of it is downright unfair.

Luke Getsy is demonstrating his wizardry as a play caller.

The best ones in the NFL can constantly adjust to what defenses are doing. Run a private game. If it works, run it again. Keep running it until the defense adjusts to counter it. That is when you throw another variation of the same formation at them. Thinking and planning ahead like that may sound simple, but it isn’t easy. Games move so fast; it isn’t easy to think at that speed. Getsy can. It is why his offense, despite obvious talent deficiencies, has still managed to score 30 points per game for the past month.

It is also why Bears fans are afraid he won’t be around much longer. The NFL is a predictable league when it comes to certain trends. Every organization is looking for that next hotshot young offensive coach: the next Sean McVay or Mike McDaniel. With how Luke Getsy has rescued the career of Fields, it’s a virtual certainty that other teams will come calling about their head coaching jobs. It’d be a minor miracle if he didn’t get one. Matt Eberflus would be wise to have a contingency plan in place.

If Getsy stays, it’s scary to think how much better things might get in Year 2.

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