Apartment building with affordable units proposed near Hector Garcia Middle School

The applicant, Town Companies, has other apartment communities in the neighborhood, including Bishop Ridge. Drawing from Towncompanies.com portfolio.

A car yard near Hector Garcia Middle School in Oak Cliff could soon become a three-story, 45-unit apartment community offering affordable living.

The City of Dallas Plan Commission staff has recommended the approval of rezoning .83 acre of land, the current home of Guerra’s Sons auto sales, located at 9th and Lansing.

Rezoning from a regional retail district to a planned development for multifamily, as recommended, would allow construction of a building “with modified development standards and the opportunity for affordable housing,” according to the City Plan Commission.

Applicant, Town Companies, which has two other buildings in the neighborhood, proposes to redevelop the site for an affordable multifamily community with a maximum of 45 units, including 5% mixed-income units available to households earning 61-80% Area Median Family Income .

(According to 2022 numbers, that’s individuals making between $36k-$42k per annum, and those numbers shift based on household size.)

The applicant requests a maximum height of 36 feet, with an additional 26 feet in bonus for mixed-income units, according to the commission’s’ report.

The commission has secured a report from the Transportation Department and determined that the project would not significantly impact the surrounding roadway system — the closest throughways are East 9th, Lansing and Starr.

According to the report, the rezoning request complies with land-use goals outlined in the City’s comprehensive ForwardDallas! plan, which includes, to name a few aims, “strengthening existing neighborhoods and promoting neighborhoods’ unique characteristics,” “creating equitable housing opportunities throughout Dallas,” “ensuring that zoning is flexible enough to respond to changing economic conditions” and “raising the quality of rental property through better design standards, proactive and systematic code enforcement, and zero tolerance towards chronic offenders.”

Nearby property owners have been apprised of the proposal and the committee’s recommendation for approval.

Those local stakeholders will be notified before the item goes before the Dallas City Council for approval and will have a chance to ask questions or offer input.

In the past couple of years there has been a push for more affordable housing in our city, especially on the part of District 1 representatives (where this potential project is located), as we reported in our cover story last October.

A look at the proposed project, area map and surrounding land use:

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