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Updated: Jan 30, 2023 11:19 AM

Bermudian scientist Eve DeRosa (Photograph from Cornell University)

A Bermudian scientist’s research into the workings of the brain will be highlighted this Wednesday at Bermuda College.

Eve DeRosa’s presentation on the brain and healthy aging will be shared at the college’s annual Roche Science Event from 6.30 to 8 pm at the Athene Lecture Theater.

Dr. DeRosa’s research has explored “the human cognitive experience and age-related changes across the human life span”, the college said.

She has also compared the neurochemistry of attention and learning between human beings and rats.

Dr. DeRosa holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in biology and psychology from Vassar College, and has served as a research assistant at the Harvard University School of Medicine.

She trained in animal neuroscience and received her doctorate in experimental psychology from Harvard, and trained in human neuroscience as a postdoctoral fellow at the Stanford University School of Medicine.

Dr. DeRosa is the current Mibs Martin Follett Professor in Human Ecology at Cornell University as well as the Dean of Faculty. She is also a College of Human Ecology Fellow for Racial and Social Justice.

Her research is currently supported by the National Institute of Aging.

Dr. De Rosa is an alumna of Heron Bay Primary School, Bermuda High School for Girls, and the senior year program at Saltus Grammar School.

The public forum will also be live-streamed on the college’s YouTube and Facebook platforms.

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