Best Movies You’ve Probably Never Seen

Blockbuster movies are generally blockbusters for a reason. They make tons of money at the box office because they’re usually pretty good and something that audiences can get excited about. However, the box office isn’t necessarily always correct in signifying a movie’s quality. There are some movies that just opened at the wrong time, or were marketed poorly, or simply rubbed critics the wrong way. That didn’t mean that they weren’t good, it just meant that no one went to see them.

In a world of endless movies, there are so many that are never experienced because they have misunderstood reputations or people just don’t know that they exist. But it’s definitely worth sifting through some of the unknown or unpopular movies to find the rare hidden gems. Or, at least, it’s worth reading an article that did the work for you!

Here are some of the best movies that you’ve probably never seen.


10/10 The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

20th Century Fox

Admittedly, The Secret Life of Walter Mitty doesn’t sound very exciting on paper. Walter, a negative assets manager at a magazine, is forced to travel to Greenland in order to retrieve a lost negative that was meant for the magazine’s final print issue. However, this journey that Walter takes is not only incredibly touching, but very inspirational. Walter is a relatable character who spends his time daydreaming about what he wishes he would do with his life instead of actually doing it.

When he is pushed out of his comfort zone by a famous photographer responsible for the image on the cover, he learns to let go and embrace the chaos of life instead of avoiding it. This movie manages to take the trope of the sad, lonely man coming into his own and makes it into a story that is both meaningful and visually stunning.

9/10 Zathura: A Space Adventure

Sony Pictures Releasing

Zathura: A Space Adventure was written by the same author who wrote Jumanji and turned into a movie meant to be a science fiction, stand-alone spin-off of the latter. Critics were in love with it, but it didn’t have the same commercial success Jumanji had Featuring a young Josh Hutcherson, Kristen Stewart, and Dax Shepard, the movie follows two feuding brothers and their aloof sister as they navigate the reality they find themselves in after they start playing the board game, Zathura.

The game transports them into the middle of space, where they befriend an astronaut, get attacked by a vicious alien race, and learn that they have to work together to survive. It’s an exceptionally fun watch with the same tone and adventures that can be found in Jumanjibut also manages to be its own, unique story.

8/10 Super

rainn wilson in super
This Is That Productions

Super is a movie that is not for the faint-hearted. Directed by James Gunn and starring Elliot Page and Rainn Wilson, the black comedy is notoriously dark and gratuitously violent. The story revolves around Frank, who, devastated by his wife leaving him for a man who exploits her recovering addiction, dreams that he is touched by God to become a superhero.

Despite having no actual superpowers or billions of dollars to throw at developing weapons, he enlists the help of Libby, a comic book store clerk, to help him create his superhero persona.

His ultimate goal is to rescue his ex-wife, but it becomes increasingly obvious how unhinged both he and Libby are becoming while “fighting crime” in costume. The morals, messages, and violence of this movie have been called into question by critics and audience alike, but there is no denying that it is a unique, twisted perspective on a superhero story and is worth watching just to experience it.

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7/10 Beyond the Lights

Beyond the Lights
Relativity Media

Beyond the Lights is a beautiful romantic drama directed by Gina Prince-Bythewood that not only portrays a touching relationship, but also addresses issues such as family trauma, race, and feminism in a nuanced and significant way. Noni is a new and upcoming superstar who has sacrificed huge parts of herself for her fame and her career-focused mother/manager.

When it becomes too much for her, she attempts to commit suicide, but is saved by Kaz, the police officer who was assigned to be her bodyguard. A romance blooms between the two, despite the obvious obstacles of Kaz’s political ambitions and Noni’s music career. Their relationship as the movie goes on is supportive and heartwarming, with Noni helping Kaz open up more, and Kaz helping Noni recover the lost bits of herself and return to her roots. They have a very us-against-the-world romance and will have you rooting for them the entire way.

6/10 Train to Busan Presents: Peninsula

Peninsula-2020 (1)
Next World Entertainment

South Korean entertainment has been making huge waves in the United States recently, and one of the reasons for that is Train to Busan. The movie brought us realistic, terrifying zombies and a fleshed out set of characters that were trapped on a train with them, creating an unforgettable zombie thriller. However, what many were not aware of, was that a sequel to Train to Busan was released in 2020 called Train to Busan Presents: Peninsula.

The sequel follows a different set of characters about four years after the events of the first movie and opens up the world to explore what is happening in the rest of South Korea and how other nations are handling it. A former marine captain, Jung-seok and his brother-in-law, Chul-min had escaped South Korea when the zombie outbreak initially started and have been residing in Hong Kong since.

It’s not until they are recruited by the Chinese mob to locate a truck filled with an enormous amount of money that they decide to go back. Peninsula is able to combine the elements of zombie horror with a heist movie successfully, allowing for both intrigue and a unique setting with grotesque challenges. While it does end up being a very different movie from Train to Busanwatching both gives a complete insight into the universe and rounds out the experience.

5/10 Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping

Popstar: Never Stop Stopping
Universal Pictures

Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping is a mockumentary musical comedy that never really took off during its release, but since, has gained a cult following from those who have actually seen it. It stars Andy Samberg as Conner4Real, a diva who rose to stardom with his childhood friends, but went solo due to not giving credit to one of his bandmates for a verse that he wrote.

His story becomes one of ridiculous misfortune, crazy antics, and bad publicity that ultimately lead to his downfall. As we could expect, the movie is filled with fun, dumb humor, but also has clever writing and a talented cast, as well. Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping is a genuinely funny, light-hearted movie that deserves a lot more credit and viewing than it has. It’s a perfect watch for anyone in need of a serious pick-me-up at the end of the day.

4/10 Colossal

Voltage Pictures

Whatever expectation anyone has going into watch Colossal, it is a guarantee that the movie will flip it on its head. Defined as a science fiction fantasy black comedy, this film bends genres to create a truly unique and thought-provoking piece of art. Anne Hathaway is at the top of her game as she portrays Gloria, a woman who struggles with alcoholism and the consequences of her actions. She is kicked out of her boyfriend’s apartment and is forced to return to her hometown, where she runs into her childhood friend, Oscar.

While living in her empty childhood home and working at Oscar’s bar, Gloria slowly realizes that a giant creature destroying Seoul is somehow connected to her. The relationships, emotions, and issues that are prevalent in Colossal are raw and intricately depicted. The mystery of the giant monsters is intriguing, and the giant monsters themselves are epic. It is genuinely a one-of-a-kind film.

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3/10 Love and Leashes

Love and Leashes

Love and Leashes is another South Korean movie that was put out by Netflix and based on the Webtoon Moral Sense. It is an extremely unconventional romantic comedy that explores the intricacies of BDSM. That may sound like it gives 50 Shades of Grey vibes, but it takes a very different approach to the subject. This movie is rated PG-14 and is more about the development of the couple’s relationship and their awkwardly funny education in healthy BDSM practices.

It all starts when Jung Ji-Woo receives a package that was meant for her new co-worker, Jung Ji-Hoo. Inside, she finds a spiky collar and a leash that is definitely not designed for a dog. Jung Ji-Hoo explains his interest in being a submissive and offers Jung Ji-Woo a contract for trying out a relationship with her as the dominant for three months. The two stumble through the process, romance blooming as they do. Love and Leashes is a light-hearted romance that doesn’t take itself too seriously and highlights an adorable couple that accepts each other for who they really are. It may not be for everyone, but it is certainly a top tier Rom-Com.

2/10 Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas

Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas
DreamWorks Animation

When Dreamworks is mentioned, the first movies that come to mind are probably Shrek or Trolls. Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas doesn’t even break the top five, although it definitely deserves to. The movie follows Sinbad, a famous thief and pirate, as he and his crew travel to Syracuse to steal the Book of Peace. When he arrives, he is surprised to see that his childhood friend, Prince Proteus and his fiancée, Marina, are there guarding him.

Even though he doesn’t follow through with the theft, the Goddess of Discord, Eris, impersonates Sinbad and steals the book herself. He is set to be executed for the crime, but Proteus takes his place, giving Sinbad the opportunity to retrieve and return the book. He and Marina then must set off to the edge of the world in order to save Proteus. This movie is very distinct in its animation, more mature themes involving morality, and creative use of mythology throughout the story. It refuses the tropes that usually come with animated films and creates something visually stunning, amazingly inventive, and wonderfully unpredictable.

1/10 Stardust

A scene from Stardust
Paramount Pictures

When it comes to fantasy movies, there are few and far between that manage to do the genre justice. Stardust is one of those few that exceeds expectations so much that it should be considered a staple of the genre. Based on the novel of the same name by Neil Gaiman, Stardust follows Tristan as he chases down a fallen star in order to win over the declared love of his life, Victoria.

The fallen star is in the nearby magical kingdom of Stormhold and when Tristan finds it, he realizes that it has taken the form of a woman, Yvaine. Yvaine is hunted by both witches and princes, but Tristan must protect her long enough to get her back to his town and present her to Victoria. Each and every character in the movie is fleshed out beautifully, the setting is unique and magical, and the story is full of the types of twists and turns that are expected in fantasy. Stardust is a hidden gem in every sense of the term and deserves to be a part of everyone’s watch list.

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