Broker Sense platform bought by Twenty7Tec

The platform for researching mortgage affordability levels, known as Broker Sense, has been bought by Twenty7Tec, with the company confirming that it plans to integrate it with its SOURCE mortgage research module.

Broker Sense is used by mortgage advisors to help them figure out whether their clients will be able to afford a particular mortgage product, using the rules set out by the relevant lender. It also helps them to make sure that they advise clients of mortgage lenders that can meet their needs when they are searching, to avoid time being wasted on lenders and products that turn out to be unsuitable.

Advisors can input client information into Broker Sense at any given time and get affordability data from close to 100 buy-to-let and residential mortgage lenders. That means it is also a massive labor-saver for advisors who are dealing with heavy workloads.

The integration of this platform with SOURCE is set to provide advisors with a one-stop-shop tech option for researching mortgage products, affordability and criteria. Speaking to Financial Reporter, the Twenty7Tec CEO James Tucker said that advisors need reliable, time-saving search solutions for what is a complex lending market now.

He then added:

“At Twenty7Tec we continue to invest in platforms that ease the day-to-day processes for these advisors and have conducted a thorough review of the numerous mortgage affordability tools that have recently come to market.”

From online CeMAP training courses to get qualified to tools like this for their working lives, technology is pointing the way to greater efficiency for mortgage advisors.

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