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“WEATHER, WEATHER, ‘weather’ is what that spells!” sang 25 Pagosa Peak Open School (PPOS) kindergartners on Friday to their school audience.

Families and staff crowded the classroom, where these five- and six-year-olds shared the facts they learned during their recent project, and weather reports they recorded earlier.

“Through these studies, our students practiced using vocabulary connected to the types of weather, the four components of weather, and various instruments that can measure the temperature, precipitation, wind or air pressure,” Kindergarten Advisor Maggie Saunders said.

Kindergartners Judy and Ellie present on the weather during their celebration of learning at PPOS on Friday.

Students chose sports to study and then shared how the weather affected the sports.

“Weather is important because it tells us what to wear!” the students shared.

Kindergartners across the state are expected to learn about how to prepare for weather and how to notice patterns. At Pagosa Peak Open School, students do this by answering guiding questions: How can we predict and prepare for weather? How does weather affect the sports we play? Exploration with weather instruments and documenting local weather brought this project to life for these young students.

In addition to studying weather patterns and learning more about sports, students worked on informational writing through this project; recording how air pressure, wind and moisture affect the weather.

Kindergartners Zaiden, Elijah and Zachary present to parents and staff during the class’ weather project.

Pagosa Peak Open School is a tuition-free public school open to all Archuleta County families. The educational model is built upon project-based learning, a student-centered pedagogy that involves a dynamic classroom approach and hands-on learning. Students in all classes at PPOS engage in multiple projects throughout the year, looking for ways to influence their own community, and create positive change.

PPOS is currently welcoming enrollment packets for new students for the 2023-24 school year.

Emily Murphy

Emily Murphy

Emily Murphy serves as Instructional Coach at Pagosa Peak Open School, the first District-authorized charter school in Archuleta County, working with students and staff on curriculum, assessment, and instructional strategies.

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