Culture Beat: University exhibition focuses on digital block

The <em>Never Break</em> exhibition Photo: Courtesy of the Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shenzhen” src=”” /></center>
<p class=The Never Break exhibition Photo: Courtesy of the Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shenzhen

University exhibition focuses on digital block

Emerging Chinese artist Zhang Xinyi’s most recent exhibition, Never Break is currently open to visitors at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shenzhen until February 14.

The exhibition in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, displays dozens of Zhang’s artworks, including paintings, sculptures, and multimedia videos. These works have all been inspired by the artist’s observations of and reflections on Huaqiang North Street, a street block crammed with digital and technological productions in Shenzhen.

Highlighted artworks at the exhibition include Tablescape No.3, a painting in which Zhang connects the fruit “apple” in Cézanne’s still life paintings with the tech giant “Apple.” The dynamic emotion underlying Cézanne’s paintings stands in stark contrast to the precision of industrial products.

Stupid AI is another section of the show that attempts to establish a dialogue between traditional culture and digital advancement. It displays pottery pots that follow in the footsteps of the handicraft techniques used in the Yellow River basin during the Neolithic Yangshao era. However, the outside of the pot has been decorated with modern emojis. Through these unreadable symbols, the artist tries to express the confusion and stress brought about by her monopolized digital lifestyle.

The exhibition is being held at the university’s University Art Center (UAC).

As the cradle of university culture and art, UAC endeavors to enrich the campus community and engage students in interesting, inspirational and in-depth experience of culture and art through educational programs and projects. Artist-in-residence projects and the University Annual Concert and Sparkle Music Festival are common events. Short culture and art courses have also been held in partnership with the School of Humanities and Social Science to cultivate art talents.

TeamLab show brings visual tour of universe

A new exhibition space 11 meters high and 10,000 square meters in size has landed in Beijing alongside a grand visual show launched by the space’s founder, an art group called TeamLab, to bring audiences an immersive visual tour of the universe and the biodiversity of nature.

Located at the Chaoyang Joy City Mall in Beijing, the grand visual show is a permanent exhibition called TeamLab Massless Beijing. The show includes flowing flower images that cover the walls and floor, cocooning visitors as soon as they enter the space.

Stepping inside, visitors can see more visual installations that focus on subjects such as the “sun and universe,” “movable forests” and “future gardens.” The latter has educational value for young visitors as it allows them to see the beauty of human-nature coexistence.

The founder, TeamLab, is an international technological art team that has held a wide range of exhibitions in cities such as Beijing, New York, London, Tokyo and Paris. So far, TeamLab’s shows have had more than 28 million visitors around the world. The newly opened Beijing space is the art group’s biggest exhibition space launched so far.

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