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LINCOLNVILLE — Lincolnville author Scott Dickerson reads excerpts and discusses his new book, “Telling Stone,” Wednesday, Feb. 15, at 6:30 pm at Lincolnville Community Library, 208 Main St.

Scott Dickerson

Who were these Paleolithic hunter-gatherers? Why did they create art on cave walls 23,500 years ago? How did they live? What did they believe?

“Telling Stone” speculates about these Paleolithic people and the art revolution they created in northern Spain. Although archaeologists have discovered a great deal about these hunter-gatherers, indicated by stone, bone and other artifacts, no one can know how they thought, related to each other, or were motivated to create art.

Dickerson’s story is about a cave artist and the way of life of his band. It is also an exploration of how an artist, then and now, might think as expressions of art come from the artist’s thoughts and hands.

Richly imagined, founded on archaeological discoveries and Ice Age ecology, “Telling Stone” is about the origins of art and the lives of the earliest artists.

Dickerson is a conservation biologist, designer and maker of fine furniture, and organic farmer. His first book of his, “To Save a River,” tells the story of endangered Atlantic salmon in Maine’s Ducktrap River. “Telling Stone” is his first novel by him, published by Maine Authors and Publishers Cooperative in 2022.

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