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To the Editor:

Author Meg Medina graduated from college in 1984, majoring in Communication Arts and English Writing. She taught in public schools for over 10 years in New York and Florida before turning her attention to writing fiction for young readers. She became an author of recognition and acclaim, winning many awards and writing many books.

Medina is a member of the Freedom to Read Foundation, the key word being “freedom.” She has become an outspoken advocate for things we should appreciate and support, including diversity in children’s literature and discussing real issues, such as gender identity, that many children struggle with today.

The following quote from Medina is the sole reason for my letter. Please read and think about it: “To pull books from a school library because of the discomfort they create in adults is a recipe for disaster. It erodes the trust young people have in the adults in their lives and pushes them into secrecy. It undermines the studied opinion of professional librarians and educators. It supports the false idea that there is one version of life that is acceptable. And it denigrates the work of authors who are brave enough to name difficult and real experiences.”

Sharon McLane


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