Fitness fan compares gym to ‘middle school’ after getting dress-coded for outfit

A woman has sparked a debate by comparing the gym to ‘middle school’ after she was ‘dress coded’ for her outfit.

Personal trainer Vonny shares fitness videos from the gym and workout tips on TikTok.

She recently shared a video of herself lifting weights in the gym while wearing a black top, colorful shorts and a white pair of trainers.

However, the fitness fanatic has said she was ‘dress-coded’ for the outfit when someone said she was showing too much skin.

Vonny took to the video sharing site to hit out at the comment, claiming she was told she could only show two fingers worth of skin while working out.

“Love love love this for me,” she captioned the video.

“Felt like I was in middle school being dress-coded for a bra strap showing. I was dress-coded for this outfit. ‘Too much abdomen showing’.”

Vonny showed the outfit she was wearing on TikTok. Credit: @veganwithvonny/TikTok

“You can apparently only show two fingers worth of skin. But a cut off for men is fine,” she added.

“They’re lucky I even wore a shirt. I’d rather work out in a sports bra.”

Vonny said in the comments that it was the gym’s receptionist who chastised her for not following the rule.

Many users were outraged about the comment, with some labeling the rule ‘sexist’ and ‘ridiculous’.

“I would’ve walked right out,” one outraged TikToker replied in the comments.

“I would have never went back,” another person declared.

While one woman wrote: “Dress code at the gym? We literally should be able to wear a sports bra that’s so wack never heard of that.”

Another response said: “Time for a new gym that’s RIDICULOUS.”

While someone else said: “Men don’t have this problem.”

In other news, a women’s only gym in Kansas was the center of a debate on TikTok.

The gym is women-only and is located in Kansas.  Credit: Blush Fitness/Instagram
The gym is women-only and is located in Kansas. Credit: Blush Fitness/Instagram

Blush Fitness is a female-only center and although it’s been praised for providing a safe and comfortable space for women to workout, some are calling the idea ‘segregation’.

A video of the gym was posted on TikTok by @heatherhuesman, who wrote: “The best gym! We need these everywhere, we feel so safe and comfortable going to the gym, gonna be my new favorite spot!”

However some men in the comments suggested it was segregation. One said: “This doesn’t sound like equality.”

While another wrote: “Ain’t we stop segregation like 60 years ago?”

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