Garrett Morgan’s Hometown seeks to erect statue of Ky.-born scientist

PARIS, Ky. (WKYT) – Kentucky is home to many of the world’s greatest African American scientists, including one whose invention helps you get home safely every day.

Sharon Fields knows a lot about a famous African American scientist who once called Kentucky home.

“His name was Garrett Augustus Morgan, and he was born here, in Bourbon County, in an area of ​​the town called Claysville,” said Fields.

Claysville is where Morgan most likely did some of his first experiments, leading to some important inventions.

“He invented two major things that affect everyone around the world,” said Fields. “One was the stop light and the other was the gas mask.”

Garrett Morgan Park in Claysville contains several signs that help visitors better understand how the famous African American changed the world.

“Letting people know that African Americans have always been involved in just about anything that everybody else has been involved in,” said Fields.

That’s why this community is making efforts to erect a statue of Morgan.

“There’s talk about raising funds to get this statue made,” said Fields. “It would be outdoors.”

The next time you are at a stop light, remember an African American scientist is responsible for that invention, and he once called Kentucky home.

Another famous African American scientist, Thomas Hunt Morgan. The Lexingtonian earned a Nobel Prize in Medicine for genetic research.

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