Learn professional skills with this $40 course bundle designed to help you in your career.

TL;DR: Looking to learn new skills to kick off 2023? As of Jan. 8, you can get the Complete 2023 Professional Skills Bundle(opens in a new tab) for $39.99 — that’s less than $3 per course.

Ever thought to yourself, why didn’t they teach that in school? There are a lot of skills you need out in the real world that classrooms never prepared you for—like how to run a meeting. If you’ve encountered things in the workplace that you wish you’d been better prepared for, this unique bundle could help.

The Complete 2023 Professional Skills Bundle comes packed with 16 courses that’ll help you in the workforce. From public speaking to leadership skills(opens in a new tab) To learn how to read people’s body language, this bundle of courses could come in handy. And right now, you can get them all for just $39.99 — that’s less than $3 a course!

Skill Success provides instruction on all of these in-demand skills(opens in a new tab). Learn practical skills with courses like Delegation Skills, a course centered around distributing responsibility and authority to others, while also holding them accountable for their respective performance. This unique skill is crucial when you have any employees underneath you, and this course helps you learn the levels and know the types of delegation.

Hate having to lead the Zoom meeting? Public Speaking for Beginners helps you get over your fears, while teaching you how to display confidence and become proficient at public speaking. And speaking of meetings, there’s also a class about that. Facilitating High Performing Meetings teaches you the principles of good facilitation, while also showing you how to play a facilitation session.

Another thing no one teaches that comes in handy at work? Social skills! Social Skills for Business and Personal Improvement is a training class for anyone who hopes to communicate better and build rapport with people.

Set yourself up for success in the workplace with these unique courses guaranteed to improve your performance. Get the Complete 2023 Professional Skills Bundle(opens in a new tab) now for just $39.99.

Prices subject to change.

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