Man Who Touched Girl On Coatesville Area School Bus Identified: Police

COATESVILLE, PA—Police are searching for 25-year-old Sharif Reginal Birckett who they said improperly entered a school bus and touched a young female’s leg on Jan. 26, according to police and school officials.

A warrant has been issued for the arrest of Birckett of Coatesville on charges of unauthorized school bus entry and harassment.

Dr. Richard F. Dunlap Jr., the interim superintendent, said the suspect boarded the bus with his face obscured by a hood and blended in with the students at 6:48 am at Sixth and Chestnut streets.

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“The suspect sat down next to a female student and placed his hand under her leg,” Dunlap wrote in a letter to the parents. “He then went to the front of the bus and told the driver he needed to get off.”

Police said he was on the bus for less than a minute.

Find out what’s happening in West Chesterwith free, real-time updates from Patch.

The Krapf bus company, which provides bus services for the district, has fully cooperated with the investigation.

Dunlap said the safety and security of the students are a priority

“We understand this incident is concerning and will ensure that we continue to partner with Krapf

Bus to strengthen all safety measures.

Anyone who has information or knows the whereabouts of this person is asked to contact the Coatesville Area School District Police Department at 484– 784-9118, 9-1-1or by contacting your local police department.

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