Meet Mafia legend Hannabill Lecter

When it comes to heading to Orchard Park and taking in a Buffalo Bills game, there are a few things scarier, especially for the opposing team, than looking over in Section 136.

But if you never met the legendary ‘Hannabill Lecter,’ real name Frank Barber, without a mask, be prepared. He’s a middle school principal out in the Finger Lakes with a passion for a few things Western New York.

“[There’s] a little bit of a shock at first, but I think for the most part they really enjoy it,” he said about students who know about his alter ego.

Embraced by his school board and community, there are things he learned in these walls that he takes into being a Bills fan.

“You know, patience is a big, big thing,” he said. “Big part of that. Perseverance, all those things.”

Frank’s most recognizable contribution as a Bills Mafia figurehead started small.

“It just started with me wanting to do something a little bit extra at the games,” he explained.

His masks are now iconic. With one goal, make Highmark Stadium a difficult place for teams to visit.

“I’m lucky enough to be in the front row,” he said. “So I definitely want it to be intimidating. ironically. Kids seem to like the outfit.”

But ‘Hannabill Lecter’ knows the mission goes beyond that.

“We’ve always been passionate,” he said. But now we are much more than that. If we break a few tables along the way, I think that’s okay.”

Hannabill usually doesn’t strut his painted stuff in the halls of Corning Painted-Post Middle School, but doesn’t mind the kids seeing his masked-smirk on.

Whether here, at home or in Orchard Park, he thrives on interaction with the fans.

“It’s nice when you meet people from social media and they don’t disappoint,” he said. “You like they are truly quality people.”

As the façade comes off, and Hannabill looks more and more like Frank, he can’t stress enough that this community of fans, is just that, a community.

“We have some characters that people recognize and stuff, but I totally appreciate people that just show up and show out every game,” he said.

So whether paint, masks, Zubaz, or whatever you wear on game day, Barber says it’s all for the love of team.

“We’re going to show up every game anyway. And we’re going to have good time and we are going to love our Bills no matter what the record happens to be,” he said.

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