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Chicago District was proud to host Mr. Durrett on his final visit to LRC. After almost 40 years of service to the Corps Mr. Durrett toured the district to receive briefings and visit TJ O’Brien Lock and Dam as well as speak with district leadership of all levels.

Mr. Durrett opened his visit to the Chicago District speaking to the Corporate Board, emphasizing the importance of maintaining good data. With the prevalence of data and information now available to all levels of leadership within the Corps it is more important now than ever to ensure that project data is current and up to date so it can be fully utilized by all levels.

But the main focus of this visit was to pass on lessons learned over his time with the Corps. Mr. Durrett emphasized “People are an important resource. With almost 40+ years of experience I think I have at least a few things to pass along.”

Mr. Durrett spoke with supervisors from the district as well as the up-and-coming leaders involved in the Corps leadership development programs. I have continued to emphasize the importance of people, taking time to expand the breadth of your career experiences and speaking up and being recognized. Taking full advantage of the mentors at the Corps and the unique opportunities it provides as well as an annual review of your career goals can take you far.

The visit wrapped up with a visit to the TJ O’Brien Lock and Dam, meeting operators and taking a tour and seeing the needed work at the lock.

As he departs Chicago District wishes Mr. Durrett well on his future endeavors and thanks him for the words of wisdom and leadership he provided the Corp.

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