Neston-based Sunday Times bestseller releases fourth thriller book

AN author, who has had her books sold around the world, is set to release her fourth book What Happened on Floor 34? at the end of this month.

Caroline Corcoran, 41, has always loved writing, starting her career as a journalist and continuing that for 15 years.

Originally from St Helens, Caroline decided to start writing books in 2019 after becoming a freelance journalist and having more time on her hands.

She released her first book Through the Wallthen The Baby Group in 2020 and FFive Days Missing in 2022.

Speaking to the Globeshe said: “I’d always wanted to write books.

“Even when I was a teenager I was always trying to write stories. I love writing and I never thought I could get all the way and get a publisher.

“I’d like to do this forever, so authors who have longevity are the ones who inspire me.”

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Caroline’s new book, What Happened on Floor 34? is based in a newspaper office. Rose, works for one of the country’s biggest newspapers as the Day Editor and Will Frost is the Night Editor.

Wirral Globe:

When Rose gets to the office, Will has already left. When Rose leaves, Will arrives. They are connected in so many ways but never have any physical contact.

Will then disappears from floor 34 without a trace and Rose takes on the role of Night Editor to try and figure out what happened to him.

Covering these shifts, Rose is alone on the 34th floor, and whatever happened to Will is very connected to what happens to her.

Caroline added: “I tend to anchor things from settings that I know or somewhere that I’ve been.

“Even though I’ve worked in newspaper offices, the characters and storyline are completely fictional.”

Caroline’s books are now sold all over the world, and she explained that seeing them in other languages ​​is ‘surreal’.

She said: “Every time I see a foreign cover, and they do such an amazing job, it’s just completely surreal.

“It’s absolutely amazing, and the messages I get on Instagram and Twitter from everyone are amazing too.”

What Happened on Floor 34? is available to pre-order now, and will be released on Thursday, January 19.

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