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This week’s show is a celebration and exploration of revision. The old age is that revision is writing, and Peter Ho Davies (The Art of Review) has some gorgeous and rich advice around the process and the discovery that comes with this part of the writing process. Revision is a world all its own, an opportunity to go to even deeper depths in your writing. Befriend revision, love revision, embrace revision—and join us for this conversation as a jumping-off point.


Peter Ho Davies is the author of two recently published books—the novel A Lie Someone Told You About Yourself and The Art of Revision: The Last Word, his first work of nonfiction. His previous novel of him, The Fortuneswas a New York Times Remarkable Book, and his first novel, The Welsh Girl, was long-listed for the Booker Prize. He has also published two short story collections, The Ugliest House in the World and Equal Love which was also a New York Times Remarkable Book.

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