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If you’re a QC Boomeranger, the Quad Cities Chamber wants you to share your story.

A QC Boomeranger is someone who was born and raised in the Quad Cities, moved away for an extended period and then decided to move back to the QC, boomeranging back home.

“The QC is a great place to raise a family, where living is affordable, there are so many exciting things to do and it’s easy to get to wherever you want to go – all right here in the heart of the Midwest,” Jennifer Verscha , the Chamber’s marketing director, said in a Thursday release.

“We love hearing unique stories that individuals and families have shared with us about moving back to the Quad Cities to re-establish their roots. Their boomeranging back to the QC is an important aspect of attracting talent to our region to help fill the workforce pipeline,” she said.

To share your QC Boomerang story, use #BoomerangQC on any social media platform to share why you moved back to the Quad Cities.

“Help us brag about the QC and why you’ve moved back home, and help encourage your family, classmates and friends to do the same,” said Verscha. Individuals are asked to add a photo and make the post public.

Each week in February, the QC Chamber will review public posts on social media using #BoomerangQC to reshare on the Chamber’s social media. In addition, the Chamber will choose winners for a handcrafted QC wooden boomerang.

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