Rimac to double UK engineering workforce in 2023

Rimac Technology, the engineering and electronics arm of the fast-expanding Croatian EV hypercar group, has begun a campaign to increase the size of its British engineering team – as its 35-year-old founder Mate Rimac promised on a previous visit to the UK three years ago.

Rimac Technology already has around 20 engineers working on temporary premises near Warwick, but aims to more than double the group’s size by the time it moves to permanent UK premises in 2023.

The British division already works in direct partnership with a much larger Croatian-based team, which expanded by 537 people during 2022. It counts 20 major OEMs – including Porsche, Bugatti, Pininfarina, Aston Martin and Hyundai-Kia as “manufacturer partners”.

Client projects include designing battery systems, body engineering, mechanical design, embedded software, purchasing, and even vehicle trimming.

“The level of engineering talent within the UK makes it an absolutely crucial location for our growing business,” said Mate Rimac. “This is a long term strategy for us.”

Rimac credits British engineers with high resourcefulness and a particular ability to drive innovation without needing big-OEM backing. Apart from the Rimac Technology has another 40 engineers working at nearby Wellesbourne on his Project 3 Mobility programme, a well-advanced but under-the-radar enterprise aimed at producing not just many fleets of autonomous cars but the support network they will need to thrive in cities.

To thrive, such projects need the approval of city authorities, says Rimac, who says he already has the approval of several yet-unnamed UK cities.

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