Star Wars: Visions and Revelations: Annotations Part 2

Okay, did you process all of Star Wars: Visions #1 with all due respect and Star Wars Easter-Eggness? Well, here comes the next comic in my dual purchase this past week.

Star Wars: Revelations #1

This issue was promised for months to show the next few months of Star Wars! Not sure if it actually did this because I’m not in the future yet. Let’s take a look!

• We see that Eye of Webbish Bog guy. He was supposed to have a huge role in the last movie, The Rise of Skywalker but was cut. I know it went as far as building a prop for on-set action. It looks like Vader is in his Mustafar castle in his Bacta Tank, not sure if this is all in the Force.

• We see Sabe, former handmaiden played by Keira Knightly. She’s wearing a super-funky helmet that apparently shows her loyalty to the Emperor, Vader and the Dark Side. WB says this scene could happen, but the future is always fluid.

• Clone Wars action with Anakin and Yoda getting ambushed. Apparently it’s meant to show Vader that droids are the central point of this vision.

• “First, it comes for the metal..then it comes for the muddle.” Not entirely sure what that means. The metal part is apparently for a droid revolution. The muddle? Oddly enough, you type in “the muddle Star Wars” and you get some pages about the Bendu from Star Wars Rebels, but it thinks it’s because those pages reference “the middle.” Maybe the muddle is in reference to the fact that the Force is getting a bit muddled due to the Fermata cage being opened, the Spark Internal and maybe the end of the Empire.

We see this droid, a design that I’ve never quite seen before. He kind of looks like Rom, Space Knight from old-school Marvel comics. Like Lando’s co-pilot, L3, this Ajax Sigma is a droid’s rights activist and led a revolution hundreds of years in the past.

• We see Ajax Sigma’s core going from hand to hand until it ends up in Han Solo’s hands! Maybe we’ll find out after his current storyline in the Crystal Run. Also, High Republic Jedi!

• Apparently Ajax has followers even today as they reactivate the droid in a new body. But why now?

• A 2 page spread of Doctor Aphra/Spark Eternal and Triple-0. We learn that Aphra is starting to fight back against her possessor. By the way, a pericardiectomy is a “procedure done on the sac around the heart. A surgeon cuts away this sac or a large part of this sac. This allows the heart to move freely.”

• One thing I noticed about Marvel comic is that when they say a particular issue is going to change everything or promise answers/glimpses into the future or just important, they have a tendency is to get their crappiest/newest artists to fill in some pages. Yes, I feel some of the art in this book is pretty bad, especially when they have access to some great artists Star Wars alone! Marvel used the same great writer for this one but several different artists.

• Vader sounds a lot like he did in the Disney Plus Obi-Wan Kenobi series. He’s also described as being impatient and not seeing the big picture.

• We see a conversation between Vader and the Emperor that is later repeated in the issue, so that comes true. Talking about the Fermata Cage and Lady Qi’ra.

• Then we have the Valance section of the book. The lousy art takes me right out of the story moment. We see Inferno Squadron, a few years from the cool video game Battlefront. Valance seems to be going insane, maybe due to Ajax Sigma’s influence.

• Luke, Leia and Lando land on the same planet as Ol’ Ajax’s droid rebellion. His neural core was just put into his new body, apparently. Ajax seems to have traits most droids don’t and is even wearing a green cloak. He also apparently can be hurt by Luke’s yellow lightsaber!

Now here’s the big page, the splash page. IG-88 firing on a Rodian. Valance fighting against T’onga; C-3P0 holding Vader’s helmet in a Shakesperian way (an apparent homage to Star Wars Tales #6. Han Solo posing in front of his Carbonite slab; Vader running with the remaining handmaidens; Sabe putting Vader’s helmet on; 4-LOM holding Zuckuss, Supergirl-style. Luke holding a green crystal in one hand a red on the other: maybe this is how he got his green lightsaber in Jedi. Aphra kissing her boss, Domina Taag. A huge Emperor with his red lightsaber over (maybe) R2 -D2, IG-88 and Triple 00 and Beetee.One Trandoshan beating up Bossk and Qi’ra standing over the body of the Emperor with the Fermata Cage open!

• Vader and Webbish Bog talking and philosophizing while Mustafar rebels try to assassinate Vader. He brutally kills them.

• We see Vader’s chambers again, looking just like they did in Obi-Wan. Cool touch. The Emperor and Vader have the same conversation as was foretold in the beginning but this time with more context. Let the future begin!

I did like Luke vs Ajax Sigma, and the scant information about a droid rebellion in The High Republic was really interesting. I was never a big Valance fan, so his storyline wasn’t that interesting with the exception of Inferno Squadron. With the information learned in Obi-Wan combined with the conversations with Webbish Bog made it that more interesting.

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