today’s wordle: Wordle #568, January 8: Know hints and answer to today’s world puzzle

The wordle answer for January 8 was tricky and it was essential for the users to start with the correct word. However, according to the New York Times’ WordleBot tool, Wordle #568 can be solved in an average of 3.7 steps in easy mode and 3.6 in difficult mode.

Wordle is a puzzle game owned by The New York Times and was created only in 2021. It offers the players a daily puzzle with only six attempts to guess the correct “word of the day”. The color of the tiles in the grid enables the users to guess the correct word as the grey-coloured tile means that the letter is not a part of the answer. Yellow means that the letter is correct but the position is not. Whereas green resembles that the letter is at the right position and is also the part of the answer.

There are plenty of words that are deemed good to start today’s wordle after a careful analysis of the game. Moreover, we also have important tips and tricks for you to be successful in completing Wordle #568.

Which is the most-searched term on Google in 2022?

Which is the most-searched term on Google in 2022?

While is advised to start the game with the best wordle start words, the following are the more specific hints to today’s Wordle answer:

The answer for today’s wordle contains five vowels

There are no repeated letters in today’s word

It contains four of the most common letters in the game

Today’s word is about facing the music

What’s the word for Wordle #568?

The answer for Wordle today, January 8 is ‘Opera’.


  1. What is Wordle?
    Wordle is a web-based puzzle game which was created in 2021
  2. What’s the answer for Wordle on January 8?

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