UHS student creates, keeps school photo tradition

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Abigail Schreiber’s last three years of photos.

A Uvalde High School student has logged in yet another year observing a special personal tradition. Junior Abigail Schreiber has posed in the same lacy white dress for her annual school portrait of her every year since she was in the sixth grade.

Schreiber got the idea from the internet. “I thought it’d be funny. I saw online a post somewhere that there was a teacher who wore the same outfit every picture day. So I just thought ‘Hey, I should do that.’”

She says the dress is nothing spectacular. “I think I got it from Walmart. It wasn’t anything special, just something I thought was pretty enough to take a picture in.” Will she wear it again her senior year? “I think maybe I can keep going another year. As long as I think it’s funny, I’ll try to keep it going.”

She may pose for her school records photo in the vintage white dress, but her official yearbook portrait may have to take the form of the traditional black drape. Unless she can persuade the yearbook staff to make an exception.

UHS journalism is under the direction of Jennie Duran.

Jennie Duran|UHS Journalism
Abigail Schreiber posing for her school photo in 2022, when she was a sophomore

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