Waterloo mom: “They left my son sleeping on the school bus”

A mother whose child attends Skoi Yase Primary School says her son fell asleep on the bus on the way to school and was left there.

“My child sometimes takes little cat naps,” Kaela Orego explained. “They didn’t even check the bus for him and when they called they said well he was only on there for a few minutes. That’s not the issue. The bus had made it all the way back to the garage and they left him.”

Orego says her son’s cousin rides the bus with him and is in his class. His cousin told the teacher he was still on the bus. She says the School Resource Officer called to tell her what happened.

“The officer said that him and the bus driver got on to the bus at the bus garage and that my son was still asleep in the seat on the bus,” Orego added.

FingerLakes1.com reached out to Superintendent Terri Bavis, as well as the Waterloo Central School District Board of Education. Neither responded to those specific inquiries. However, Bavis sent a message to parents through the school’s communication system.

What was in the update to parents?

Parents provided us with a copy of the message they received from Bavis. It’s timestamped October 6th at 11:57 am

“The District Administration Team is currently investigating an incident in collaboration with the Transportation Department. Following the investigation, we will take necessary steps in accordance with District policies. Additionally, our Transportation Director is meeting with all bus drivers to review our protocols and best practices. I want to ensure you that the safety of our students is a top priority and this incident is being taken very seriously.”

– Waterloo CSD Superintendent Terri Bavis


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