We speak to Ma Yansong of MAD

When I speak to Ma Yansong – the architect behind George Lucas’ upcoming Museum of Narrative Art in LA – it’s the eve of Lunar New Year, and he’s in a reflective mood.

‘Am I looking forward to the year ahead?’ he says, speaking from his home in Beijing. ‘Well, it certainly can’t be worse than 2022!’ For an architect whose practice has become increasingly international in scope, the restrictions and isolation of the Covid-19 pandemic have hit hard. ‘Last year, particularly in China, people were quite depressed,’ he says. ‘Now though, it seems the pandemic is ending – I’m excited about returning to international travel and seeing projects started before the pandemic making good progress again. I think 2023 will be a really good year.’

(Image credit: Greg Mei)

Ma Yansong: what’s coming up for MAD in 2023

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