Webb: Run Sun City courses for quality experience, not just revenue

By Kimder Webb, Sun City

At your invitation, I submit my comments as a frustrated Sun City golfer.

I agree with all the comments regarding the difficulty of getting tee times. At six in the morning there is nothing available between 8 am and noon. My biggest complaint has to do with the number of non-Sun City residents who somehow get these better tee times. There seems to be such an effort to get revenue that Sun City golf tee times are sold to non-residents at rates only slightly above resident rates. People drive from all over the Phoenix area to play golf here because of the low rates. Rates for non-residents could be significantly higher and many would still buy them.

My preference would be for Recreation Centers of Sun City officials to run the courses to improve the golf experience for residents rather than just to make money. If more money is required, raise the rates for residents as well. There is probably no place in the country where golf is this inexpensive. That is nice but the quality of the golf is very low end — poorly maintained courses, playing in fivesomes, crowded and slow play. Why not ask the residents if they would be willing to pay more for a better golf experience. I certainly would.

Lower rates for non-residents in the summer is OK, but not in the prime season.

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